Where is Wally? – Introduction to 5S

Where is Wally?



Before 5 S, a short warm-up – find Wallie among other characters and objects in the picture below. In the bottom left corner I put a likeness of our ruin 🙂



* And who is Wally at all? This is a character from the American animated series from the 90’s. The title character traveled in time, encountering innumerable adventures on the way. For viewers, however, in each episode was a surprise – a picture on which somewhere in the thicket of other things, objects, people, Wally was hidden. The task was to find Wallie as soon as possible. An additional difficulty was the measured time on the TV screen.

And how are the searches going?

Do you see Wallie?



Do not be discouraged by the huge number of other things that make it difficult to achieve the goal – to find our hero.

And now a hint as to make your task easier 🙂


How to find Wallie in 3 steps?


  • Reduce the search area


How can one find the loss in such surroundings filled with other things? Of course, this is possible, but at what cost? At the expense of the time devoted to searching – and yet one of the 7 losses / wastes that we should eliminate.

If we look at the picture and start looking for it, without any strategy or idea, yes – there is a chance that Wallie will be able to see quickly, but it would be just a bit of luck. And probably no one wants something in his life to depend on the case.

Try to reduce the area of your search by dividing the picture into zones. Then slowly, step by step, analyze each zone.

Similarly to the introduction of lean strategies in the organization – the overall picture is important, but the effectiveness is guaranteed only by systematic work in smaller units.




  • Successively eliminate


With a smaller area of activity, you can better focus on the goal right? It’s a job!

Consistently, step by step, section by section look for Wallie.

Each checked area should be marked so as not to return to it.

  • Point to Wallie


Jeeeee! Managed to! And it was halfway there, you did not have to search all eight sections.





Wallie’s example, although it’s a trivial story, it fits perfectly into lean topics.

How many times have you looked for something in the jungle of other information, files and items? And also under time pressure? And hurry is a bad adviser. At the time, you make the most mistakes.



You do not know where to start? Start with 5S!



Remembering the example of Wallie, it’s no wonder that the first step in the LEAN adventure, in almost every company, is the introduction of 5S.

It is impossible to build improvement strategies in an organization without solid foundations, being “buried” in a huge variety of often unnecessary things and information.

Everything that surrounds us must have its place and be in its place. And in addition – everyone must know the rules and follow them.

5S – (Selection, Systematics, Cleaning, Standardization and Self-Discipline) are the basis for further improvement activities. They teach self-organization and discipline to ensure a safe working environment.

And more about 5 S – description with examples – you will read in the entry in the Tools and Methods tab. I invite you!





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