Lean Finance – how continuous improvement in financial area supported Lean Management

Continuous Improvement in the financial environment – introduction   Lean Finance = Lean Accounting + Lean Controlling   Lean Finance is nothing else like use of lean manufacturing methodology in the financial environment of the organization. It sounds simple, but is it really? The topic is so extensive that I will try to present this […]

LEAN HR – little effort, great results

Introduction – a few words about Lean Management “It is essential for the common good to support individuals, because only an individual can create new ideas that are necessary for society for its continuous development and, in essence, to avoid sterilization and stagnation.” Albert Eistein   Lean Management, generally speaking, is a way of managing […]

Suggestion program, Kaizen – examples

There are many ways of organizing and working on employee suggestion program. A lot depends on the factors described in part 1 [read here] Very accurate observations are included in the report prepared by SLMP: http://leanpolska.org/wp-content/uploads/Raport-SLMP-Programy-sugestii-pracowniczych-2014.pdf Are you interested in how other companies carry out suggestion programs? Read below and check whether any of these […]

Suggestion system – basic factors of implementation

Employee suggestion programs, Kaizen, Rationalization programs, Employee ideas, Employee initiatives, etc. There are many names, everything depends on the invention of a given company. All combine one key idea, i.e. involve employees to submit ideas for any kind of improvement in work. Also motivate creative thinking and encourage “bottom-up” organization support to improve working conditions. […]